Commission on Cancer 
Weiss is accredited with commendations by the American College of Surgeons-Commission on Cancer.

Strauss Cancer Center

Strauss Cancer CenterThe Strauss Cancer Center at Weiss Memorial Hospital began more than 30 years ago as a unique entity in a community hospital to promote the research and treatment of cancer. Today Weiss' dedicated, on-site oncologists continue to provide highly personalized attention to our patients and their families. Our experienced and caring staff includes nurses and physicians that have been providing care at Weiss for over 30 years. On call 24 hours, seven days a week, the oncology team remains highly accessible to those who need us most.

New, modern facility streamlines care and adds comfort
The offices of our medical oncologists and cancer center are on the third floor of a new, modern medical office building adjoining Weiss Memorial Hospital. The spacious, state-of-the-art cancer center provides streamlined care and incredible comfort for patients and families. The large treatment bays offer beautiful views of the park and lake. And because the cancer center adjoins the hospital, patients are spared moving to multiple locations for diagnostic tests and treatment. Patients at the center receive a wide range of therapies, from simple injections to complex investigational treatments. Here, we use the newest technology to diagnose and stage cancer, and determine the optimal course of treatment according to the guidelines established by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN).

Our new Center for Radiation Oncology (opened in Oct. 2011) features the most cutting-edge radiation technology available. Called a linear accelerator, or linac for short, this technology makes cancer treatment possible down to the millimeter.

Our team approach means best possible care
Medical oncologists at Weiss work closely with surgical and radiation specialties and network with major academic institutions in the region to provide timely and effective cancer care. Nurses certified by the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) work closely with our oncologists and other team members, including surgeons, lymphedema specialists, radiation oncologists, nutritionists, radiologists, physical therapists, social workers and pastoral staff, adding yet another important dimension to our seamless care. Weiss’ multidisciplinary oncology team meets weekly to review patient cases and discuss potential treatment options. At these meetings, the team develops a personalized care plan for each patient with input from the entire team.

Access to the latest cancer clinical trials
Cancer Research at Weiss Memorial Hospital provides patients with access to the latest, most innovative clinical trials in cancer care. Weiss’ community cancer program is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer and is an affiliate of the University of Chicago. Weiss participates in studies sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and major pharmaceutical companies.

Clinical trials are designed to research new ways to diagnose, prevent and treat cancer, providing viable treatment options for patients who may wish to participate in emerging science while receiving the best standard of care.

Today’s cancer therapies are more targeted, and many are taken orally in place of intravenous infusions, some of which are only available through clinical trials. At the present time, Weiss offers approximately 40 clinical trials across multiple disease sites at different stages of disease. Cancer clinical trials are an integral part of Weiss’s effort to participate in the quest for a cure.

Download this booklet to learn about our current cancer clinical trials (PDF).

Please contact Carole Justusson, RN, Cancer Research Nurse at (773) 564-5032 or for more information about our clinical trials.

Support you need
Weiss sponsors outpatient cancer support groups that enable patients to discuss and share concerns and uncertainties that often accompany a cancer prognosis. Learn more about these support groups. Contact Us.

  • Cancer Patient Support Group
  • Us Too: Prostate Cancer Support Group
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