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Robotic Instrumentation

Robotic instruments allow for all ranges-of-motion that the human wrist allows. This enables greater maneuverability and precision during surgery.

Progress in O.R. Robotics da Vinci S 2008®1

  • 3D - HD with 20 percent more viewing area
  • Digital zoom: 12 - 30x
  • Fourth arm
  • 540° wrist action with 6° of freedom
  • Filters hand tremor
  • Motion scaling: 1:2,3,5
  • Ergonomic surgeon's console

Miniaturization of the instruments allow for less trauma and smaller incisions to the patient while still allowing for the precision necessary for optimal surgery.


Magnified, stereoscopic (3-D) visual camera


Miniature, 8-mm diameter robotic instruments 


The dual lens system of the laparoscopic camera offers the surgeon 3-dimensional (3D) visualization during surgery. Binocular images allow the operating surgeon to appreciate depth and optimize prostate dissection.

1. R. Clayman: UCI: 2008