Weiss Memorial Hospital has earned the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval™

Why Choose the Weiss Memorial Hospital Team? 

Vishal Bhalani, M.D.The outcomes of robotic radical prostatectomy are highly dependent on the surgeon’s technique and most important, experience.1-5 Sexual and urinary function outcomes, as well as cancer-specific results (particularly positive surgical margins) have a strong association with the case volume and individual surgeon.6

Optimal Outcomes

Potency (sexual function) recovery rates have further improved with the use of a novel HYPOTHERMAL NERVE PRESERVATION TECHNIQUE through tissue cooling during surgery. There are still many surgeons using thermal energy during nerve preservation which has been shown to significantly impair sexual function recovery.

Communication and Compassion

The Weiss Memorial Hospital team takes the time to address all aspects of prostate cancer management during counseling. We are patient, thorough in our explanations and willing to dedicate the time necessary during all visits to provide a comprehensive summary of your care. We believe the key components to optimal outcomes are surgical expertise, bed-side manner and effective patient communication (explanation of all aspects of care).

In challenging cases with high grade prostate cancer features (PSA elevations >10-20ng/mL, high Gleason grade >8), we collaborate with a multidisciplinary prostate cancer team to ensure that state-of-the-art medical care is available to the patient.

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