Inpatient Acute Geriatric Unit

Seniors at WeissWeiss Memorial Hospital recently opened the doors to a new, Inpatient Acute Geriatric Unit that includes physicians, physical therapists, social workers and nurses—all of whom specialize in the care of older people. The geriatric unit is essential because the senior population’s problems typically involve multiple health issues, increasing the risk for further complications and post-discharge issues that need to be anticipated.

The goal of our geriatric unit is to provide clear answers and well-coordinated, advanced health care for older adults. Weiss’ geriatric professionals are committed to working with older adults and their families to maintain health and optimize well-being. They work to keep seniors healthy, active and independent as long as possible.

The mission of our Inpatient Acute Geriatric Unit is to look beyond the acute diagnosis of our patients—to uncover those issues that are medical, social and emotional—so that seniors can return to their community with restored health and a lower risk of re-hospitalization. Respect and empowerment are our core values.

Call Weiss’ Inpatient Acute Geriatric Unit at (773) 564-5700 for more information or Contact Us.

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