Senior Health Overview

Senior HealthEach stage of our lives brings different challenges and diverse tasks that we need to accomplish in order to become more fulfilled individuals. Weiss Memorial Hospital's specialized inpatient geriatric unit, advanced inpatient geriatric psychiatry service and free health and wellness program address the special needs of those over age 65.

Dedicated to keeping older adults healthy, active and independent, our geriatric professionals work with older adults and their families to maintain health and optimize well-being on many levels: physical, emotional, intellectual and lifestyle.

WISE Senior Wellness Program
To help maintain an independent and healthy life, Weiss Memorial Hospital offers WISE—the Weiss Initiative Supporting Elders, a free wellness program for adults age 60 and older. WISE is designed to help you feel your best by offering educational, social and wellness programs geared toward the special needs and concerns of seniors. Members gain access to a wide variety of free screenings and educational and exercise classes all designed to keep seniors healthy and active. Visit WISE Senior Program for more information on how to enroll.

Inpatient Acute Geriatric Unit
Our new, Inpatient Geriatric Unit brings together an exceptional team of physicians, physical therapists, social workers and nurses—all of whom specialize in the care of older people. The geriatric unit is essential because the senior population’s problems typically involve multiple health issues, increasing the risk for further complications and post-discharge issues that need to be anticipated. Weiss’ new program was built from the ground up, based upon a thorough analysis of the needs of the growing senior community that Weiss serves. Visit Inpatient Acute Geriatric Unit to learn more.

Inpatient Geriatric Psychiatry Unit
Weiss' Inpatient Geriatric Psychiatric Unit is one of only two such facilities in Chicago. Established to meet the needs of older adults and their families throughout the area, this highly specialized and comprehensive senior health service provides holistic treatment of both the mind and body to seniors who suffer from depression, anxiety, cognitive impairment and mood swings.

Often minimized or misunderstood by both families and physicians, these disorders traditionally have either been missed completely or have been treated by overmedicating the older adult, which brings on its own set of problems. Worse still, these disorders play a major role in a suicide rate among the elderly that is twice the national average and higher than any other age group.

With new, oversized private rooms overlooking Lake Michigan, the goal of this short-term senior health psychiatric inpatient unit is to return patients to their maximum mental and emotional function so they can return to their residences within four to eight days. Visit Geriatric Psychiatry to learn more.