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The New Face of Orthopedic Medicine

The orthopedic specialists at the Chicago Center for Orthopedics (CCO) treat a wide variety of patients with concerns ranging from sports-related injuries, to spinal disorders and scoliosis, to complex limb-salvage surgery. No matter the need, people travel from around the world to see the orthopedic specialists at CCO.

Julianne Sitch

Meet Julianne Sitch, Professional Soccer Player
Julianne Sitch plays professional soccer for the Chicago Red Stars. She knows that being injured is always a possibility in the sports world, but she had never been severely hurt or even had surgery during her career. In one moment, that all changed.

“I was at midfield, changing direction, when I heard a snap in my right leg,” Julianne recalled. “I fell immediately to the ground. My leg looked fine, but the pain was incredible.” Dr. Wolin, the team doctor, treated her at Weiss Hospital and confirmed Julianne’s fears: she had torn her ACL and meniscus. She needed surgery to repair both. Read more.

Katie MussioMeet Katie Mussio, High School Art Teacher
As an active art teacher and community member, Katie Mussio had been plagued by pain in her hip since her late 30s. She had tried medicines, altering her lifestyle and even cutting back on activities she once loved, but nothing seemed to fix the nagging pain in her hip that could sometimes leave her in tears.

“I went to other hospitals, and no one recognized it as arthritis with hip displaysia. Another doctor wanted to realign my hip and put pins in it; that idea really scared me, but the doctor said that was the best option I had. I was thinking about getting a second opinion when my husband saw Dr. Finn on TV, and I knew he could help me.” Read more.

Chuck Westendorf

Meet Chuck Westendorf, Retired Teacher and Basketball Coach
Chuck Westendorf still remembers the horrifying feeling of having “uneven legs” after hip replacement surgery. “I knew immediately something was wrong,” Westendorf said. “It was as if I grew almost two inches. When I sat, you could see my right knee was about two inches longer.”

This was the 67-year-old’s second hip surgery in three years—the first for a labrum tear and the second for a total hip replacement. “I lost three years of my life,” said the retired teacher and basketball coach. Discrepancies beyond three-fifths of an inch can greatly impact a patient’s life, Complications include chronic back pain, shoulder pain, hip dislocation and sciatica—excruciating leg pain that makes standing or sitting nearly impossible. Mr. Westendorf was considered a high risk patient. Read more.

Meet Laura Kenost, Elementary School Program Assistant
Laura Kenost was an all-around athlete that competed on balance beam, uneven bars, vault and floor exercise. She did it all, despite a severe curvature in her spine. Congenital kyphosis scoliosis had led the vertebrae in Laura’s spine to develop abnormally. Her doctors recommended surgery sooner rather than later to correct the condition she’d had since birth. But having surgery to straighten her spine would put a stop to Laura’s love—gymnastics. So she endured pain and poor posture until age 17, when she quit competing. Instead she took up other athletic endeavors that didn’t require as much flexibility, such as distance running. She finished her first marathon in the summer of 2013.

This past summer, Laura said “the timing was right” to undergo the necessary reconstruction spinal surgery. After doing her homework, Laura says Dr. Gupta was clearly the surgeon for her. She felt “taken care of in his hands” and comfortable with his medical team. Read more.

The New Face of Joint Replacement 
Joint University is a place, a program and a team of exceptional orthopedic surgeons and clinicians who deliver outstanding care to individuals choosing to have joint replacement surgery. Learn more. For more information about Weiss Joint University in Chicago, please call (888) 503-ORTHO. Referring physicians, please call (773) 564-6222.

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