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Common Hip Injuries

Hip injuries

Hip injuries are extremely common in people of all ages. Children, teens and young adults who participate in sports run a great risk of hip injuries. Senior citizens are also prone to hip injuries due to falls because bone density decreases with age as does joint elasticity. People who carry too much weight are susceptible to hip injuries, too, due to the excessive pressure on the hip.

Even when the injury occurs in the hip, the pain and subsequent compromised mobility may occur in other areas of the body, such as the leg, sciatica, groin or spine. When the symptoms don’t manifest in the injured area, it can be difficult for doctors to diagnose the problem correctly. For instance, a groin injury is more likely to indicate a hernia than a hip injury. Sciatic pain usually is attributed to nerve issues, not hip injury. Gluteus medius tears, a rip in the muscle controlling movement away from the body, may cause persistent pain, which can mimic trochanteric bursitis.

Many of these conditions may be treated through arthroscopic surgery or other minimally invasive procedures. The specialists at Vanguard Chicago Center for Orthopedics administer thorough tests and examinations to properly identify and diagnose the source of the pain and follow up with the appropriate plan of action.

To request a referral to a specialist at the Chicago Center for Orthopedics, call (888) 503-ORTHO or Contact Us.

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