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Nonsurgical Hip Treatments

In some instances, arthroscopic surgery cannot effectively treat certain hip ailments. This doesn’t mean the patient requires traditional hip replacement surgery; there are other options to consider. In fact, the specialists at the Chicago Center for Orthopedics (CCO) will explore all possible treatment regimens before recommending invasive surgical procedures.

Lifestyle Choices
Some options to surgery have proven to be quite effective and can be done with minimal medical intervention.  For instance, people who suffer from chronic pain ailments such as arthritis may be able to reduce their symptoms and pain with a few lifestyle changes:

  • Weight management: Excess weight puts pressure on the joints; the more weight, the more pressure. By losing weight, you decrease stress on the joints and muscles.
  • Exercise: Strength-training exercises build muscle to support the joints; stretching and aerobics keep muscles and joints flexible and increase range of mobility.
  • Heat and cold: Heating pads increase blood flow and promote ease of movement; ice packs and cold compresses numb the joint area to alleviate pain.
  • Custom-made shoes can be constructed to “reroute” the way an individual stands and walks to divert pressure from sore areas.

Physical Therapy
In cases involving athletic injuries, physical therapy may be a suitable substitute to surgery. CCO orthopedic specialists are specially trained and experienced in the area of hip preservation therapy to develop, implement and monitor exercise regimens designed to each individual’s needs. For most patients, physical therapy can be done in the home or gym, and takes place once or twice a week for four to six weeks.

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Hip InjectionsPRP Injections
People with severe arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis or tendon and ligament tears may opt for PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) injections. Blood is drawn from the patient; growth factors from that blood are then injected directly into the site of inflammation under X-ray or ultrasound guidance. The growth factors can promote the healing process and reduce pain.

When nonoperative treatments fail, hip arthroscopy may be an option. 

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