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Hip Replacement FAQs

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  • 1. Is total hip replacement only for people with osteoarthritis?

  • 2. What are my non-surgical options before considering joint replacement?

  • 3. Is age a consideration for joint replacement?

  • 4. What can I expect from the surgical experience?

  • 5. What type of rehabilitation can I expect following surgery?

  • 6. Can I participate in regular activities after surgery?

  • 7. Are there any restrictions on exercise or movement with my new hip?

  • 8. How often will I need to see my surgeon after surgery?

  • 9. What are the benefits of joint replacement?

  • 10. Are there risks from surgery?

  • 11. What precautions must I take with my new hip?

  • 12. Can I go through airport security with my new hip?