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Sports Injury Prevention

Sports injury preventionThe Sports Medicine Program of the Chicago Center for Orthopedics offers specialized programs to build strength and balance, increase agility and minimize risk of injury. We understand the importance of warming up before exercise and cooling down afterwards. Our specialists can even arrange for a personal/group program.

Basic Stretches
Review these basic stretches. Our specialists can customize a program for you.

Strength and Conditioning
Our customized program of strength training and conditioning includes the following components:

  • Plyometrics: develop muscle power through a type of exercise that uses explosive movements – bounding, hopping and jumping.
  • Agility Work: improve speed and response time. We’ll guide you through training exercises designed to make you a more agile athlete.
  • Speed Training: improve your personal best times and beat the competition.

Learn more about ACL injuries and ways to prevent injuries with this short guide (PDF).

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