Hospice Care

Seasons Hospice & Palliative CareHospice care services for your loved one can be arranged through Weiss Memorial Hospital’s partnership with Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care.

Seasons Hospice is a community-based organization with an ongoing mission to find creative solutions that add quality to end-of-life care.

The staff at Seasons does everything in their power to ease pain and provide physical and emotional comfort and support for the patient, family and friends. The staff works hard to ensure patients never feel alone.

Seasons Hospice is also the first open-access hospice program in the greater Chicago area. Open access allows patients currently receiving medical treatments and/or experiencing intense psychosocial issues access to hospice services earlier; a blended model between curative and palliative care.

Mission and Vision
The mission of Seasons Hospice is: “Honoring Life—Offering Hope.” Their vision is to:
  • Recognize that individuals and families are the true experts in their own care.
  • Support their staff so they can put patients and families first.
  • Find creative solutions that add to quality of life.
  • Strive for excellence beyond accepted standards.
  • Increase the community’s awareness of hospice as part of the continuum of care.
Routine Home Hospice Care
With home hospice care, the team of professionals at Seasons schedule regular home visits to ensure that medical, social and emotional needs are met.

Inpatient Hospice Care
If pain or symptoms cannot be controlled at home, the patient may be taken to Weiss Memorial Hospital for inpatient hospice care. When the symptoms are under control, the patient can return home. View an inpatient room, sitting area and kitchen.

Respite Care
Many patients have their own caregivers, often family members. When caregivers need a rest from their care-giving responsibilities, patients can stay at Weiss for up to five days.

Continuous Hospice Care
When a patient has a health crisis that needs close medical attention, they can either receive inpatient care at Weiss, or Seasons Hospice staff can provide round-the-clock care in the home. When the crisis is over, the patient can return to routine care in the home.

Insurance Coverage
Seasons Hospice bills directly to Medicare, Medicaid and/or private insurance for hospice care. These benefits usually cover 100 percent of all aspects of hospice care, including medications, supplies, and equipment related to terminal illness.

Please contact your insurance provider or Seasons Hospice directly to address all questions and concerns you may have.

Seasons Hospice is a privately run program with an office at Weiss Memorial Hospital.
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