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Exercise and Your Health: Tips for Fitness

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One of the six key factors integral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, EXERCISE benefits the body and mind. Thirty minutes a day of walking, riding your bike or playing team sports can reduce risk of heart disease and help you maintain a healthy body weight. Even small changes, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking at the far end of the lot, can make a difference.

For Paul Radzki, exercise physiologist at Weiss, it’s simple. “Everything is exercise,” he says. “We just have to keep moving—working, shopping. If we stop, that’s the worst thing we can do for ourselves.”

Exercise at WeissRadzki recommends a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes daily of moderate exercise. “It’s about getting up and doing what you like to do and being active at the same time,” he says. “If it’s fixing your old car in the garage, gardening, cooking, grocery shopping, walking around the park, spending time with your family outside, grilling, taking field trips. Everything we do, we have to move around.”

Three years ago, Radzki came to Weiss, where works with recovering patients in cardiac rehabilitation, teaches community fitness programs and runs the employee fitness class. He started the employee exercise class at the behest of Lori Shepard, director of cardiology.

Radzki says Shepard fully understands the vital role exercise plays in maintaining your health. Habitual physical activity can help you stabilize blood sugar levels, control your weight, and minimize your cholesterol and blood pressure—both of which directly affect your heart.

Radzki’s programs are not the only ones at Weiss. Weekly exercise classes are open to the public on Mondays, as well as tai chi on Tuesdays, a walking group on Fridays.

Exercising at WeissBesides the changes in your body’s physiology, Radzki witnesses other changes in people who exercise, too. And seeing those changes in other people keeps him motivated. “I see people being happier. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain, and when I see somebody else excited, I get excited about seeing that person feeling better.”

Visit our Events Calendar to join Radzki and other people in our community for an exercise or tai chi class. And remember, Radzki stresses, “Exercise is about habits. If it becomes your habit, that’s when you’ll see the differences and the results of your changing lifestyles.”

Top 5 Exercise Tips:
1). Enjoy what you’re doing. Find what makes you happy.

2). Try a variety of different workouts and techniques.

3). Socialize—enjoy walking or lifting weights with somebody else.

4). Stay positive, and smile a lot.

5). Never quit.

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