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Gastrointestinal nurse awarded first DAISY Award at Weiss

Weiss Daisy Award

Terri Oria, RN, thought she had entered the wrong meeting. Administrators filled the 6th floor conference room, which had been decorated with balloons, flowers and a buffet of breakfast foods. But when Chief Nursing and Operating Officer Jim Renneker stood and began to tell a story, Oria heard her name.

During the February blizzard that shut down most of the city, Renneker arrived at Weiss and spotted Oria ahead of him, stomping the snow off her boots as she walked through the front doors. He wondered why she had come in. Oria worked in the gastrointestinal lab, which had been closed due to the weather. “She didn’t have to come in that day, but she donned scrubs and went to help on another floor,” Renneker said.

That commitment to nursing and compassionate care for patients led Oria to win the first-ever DAISY Award at Weiss. The award comes from the national DAISY Foundation, created to recognize nurses’ extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care.

Vice President of Nursing Education Stella Hatcliffe reflected on the time when Oria first started in the GI lab more than two decades ago. “You had to learn everything from scratch,” she said, addressing Oria. “You never let that happen to anyone else.”

Jim Renneker, Terri and Stella Hatcliffe

Jim Renneker and Stella Hatcliffe presented nurseTerri Oria with Weiss' first Daisy Award.

Hatcliffe awarded Oria a sculpture entitled “A Healer’s Touch,” certificate and pin, as well as a dozen Cinnabon cinnamon rolls for Oria to share with her unit.

Terri Oria, RN

A nice surprise awaits long-time Weiss nurse Terri Oria.

“I’m absolutely flabbergasted,” Oria said after the ceremony. She has worked at Weiss for 25 years and has spent much of that time on the GI unit. “I’m so dedicated to Weiss, I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Ruth Walton, regional chief nursing executive for Vanguard Health System’s Chicago and New England hospitals, attended the ceremony before flying back to Boston. “She is the perfect, perfect winner. This award was created by a patient’s family so that nurses have a chance to sit back and appreciate. Terri absolutely didn’t expect it,” Walton said.

To nominate your favorite Weiss nurse, visit Daisy Award.

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