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Weekend injury? Urgent Care is here for you

Urgent Care at Weiss

With the weather warming up, people are spending more time outside—biking along the lake, playing soccer in the park or jogging with the dog. But what happens if you hurt yourself on a Saturday when your doctor’s office is closed?

The Emergency Room isn’t your only option. We now feature a weekend clinic: The Chicago Center for Orthopedics Urgent Care. Open Sundays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Urgent Care provides a place for children and adults to see a physician without going to the ER or waiting for a weekday appointment.

Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Danielle Bass, the main physician behind Urgent Care, hosted a video tour of the clinic earlier this month, explaining the benefits and how it functions.

“There are many benefits to going to an Urgent Care center,” Dr. Bass says in the video. “You’re seen right away, we have on-site x-ray and we can start a treatment plan for what your diagnosis is.”

Danielle Bass, M.D.

Various types of patients use Urgent Care—from athletes to people with work injuries. If a patient requires further treatment or tests, Dr. Bass will refer him to one of nearly 30 orthopedic specialists in the CCO. These specialists handle everything from foot and ankle, knee, wrist and spine injuries.

“One of the great things about all the physicians here is that we really do want to help you get better,” Dr. Bass says. “We want to be here to answer your questions and see you through your injury.”

Pictured on the right: Danielle Bass, M.D.

Before coming into Urgent Care, Dr. Bass recommends staying off of the injury and applying ice to prevent swelling.

“Have fun out there,” she says, “but if you do get hurt, we’ll see you Sundays at Urgent Care.”

Watch the video below.

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