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Sky Guy Comes in for a Landing at Weiss

Sky Guy promotes physical activity at Weiss

“Sky Guy! Back again!”

“Take a picture with me so I can send it to my family in the Philippines!”

“Who are you?”

Lots of comments and questions, but no verbal replies from Sky Guy, the mascot for the women’s national basketball team Chicago Sky. He visited staff at Weiss during Hospitals Week, posing for dozens of photos as he strutted from floor to floor. Sky Guy came to Weiss as part of the partnership between the Chicago Center for Orthopedics’ sports medicine specialists and the Chicago Sky.

That partnership not only keeps the athletes healthy and at top performance, but also serves as a vehicle for outreach to competitive and recreational athletes of all levels, from professionals to weekend warriors. The Sky Guy’s visit helped to promote the importance of physical activity and its role in Health for Life among hospital employees and patients.

Sky Guy and Weiss Staff


Completely silent in a blue and yellow flight suit, visor and oversized head, Sky Guy mimed his greetings. His tasks included handing out healthy snacks, Sky wristbands and schedules.

Employees were happy—and surprised—to see him. Many laughed, while others looked on in bewilderment as Sky Guy hopped over desks, ducked into elevators and danced with nurses down the hallways.

Did you take a photo with Sky Guy? Look for yourself or browse the photos to spot people you know, on Facebook. You can also learn more about Sky Guy on his blog.

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