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Walk this way…to better health

Walk Walk this better health

How many steps have you taken this month? If you were one of the Weiss employees who picked up a free pedometer at the “Weiss Walks with Walgreens” ribbon cutting June 3rd, then you may know the answer. If you don’t, you may want to start keeping track of your tracks, as the top walker each month through August wins a $50 Walgreens gift card.

“Exercise is important for a variety of health conditions. At Walgreens, we want to help our patients prevent illness and stay healthy,” says Jen McFee, pharmacy manager at the Walgreens located next to Weiss, 4720 N. Marine Dr.

McFee came up with the idea to bring the pedometers to Weiss. “We see you in there buying candy and chips,” she told the crowd of nurses, doctors and other staff at the ribbon cutting. Now, she said, Walgreens wanted to make sure they were helping keep Weiss employees healthy, too.

“Walgreens is a terrific partner and neighbor,” says Caren Perlmuter, vice president of development and community at Weiss.

Weiss staff participates in "Weiss Walks with Walgreens Weiss staff participates in the "Weiss Walks with Walgreens" program.

Many leaders from Weiss and Walgreens attended the ceremony and signed up for pedometers. Dean Spankowski, strategic account executive at Walgreens, wore his as he chatted with Weiss employees. “Every step I take forward and back counts, so I’m dancing.”

Weiss employees eagerly sign up! Weiss employees eagerly sign up!

Nurses Bene Sims from plastic surgery and Shante DeYoung from urology stopped by early to pick up their pedometers. “We’re on the health for life bandwagon, so we’ll be counting our steps, getting healthy,” Sims says.

Getting on the Health for Life bandwagon at Weiss. Getting on the Health for Life bandwagon at Weiss.

The program goal: 10,000 steps a day, which equates to about five miles. Research shows that people who walk that distance may be classified as “active.” Those who walk more than 12,500 steps a day are “highly active.”

Geri Mertens, senior territory manager at Walgreens, travels to the various stores to make sure the medications available match the populations the pharmacy serves. She says she attended the ribbon cutting “to support wellness. We’re trying to get people out there and moving, walking.”

Spankowski reflects that sentiment. “Walgreens is very committed to healthy living and the community. Partnering with hospitals brings that to the forefront.”

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