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Ready to move on? Take time to do it right.

Seniors on the move.Seniors Real Estate Specialist Dale Tippett spoke in the WISE Senior Center last week about options to consider when planning a move later in life. While moving at any age comes with a wide range of stressors, for seniors “it’s a whole different world, with a different pace and different needs,” Tippett says.

“Folks who have been in their homes a long, long time may not know where to begin,” he adds.

About 15 seniors from a variety of backgrounds attended the talk. Some rent their apartments, some have lived in their homes for decades and others had questions about reverse mortgages.

Common reasons for moving include a job transfer, retirement, upgrade and changing needs. It typically involves a realtor and attorney, but it’s easier said than done, even if you haven’t moved in decades and the home has sentimental value.

When thinking about moving, Tippett advises that people respect the intensity of the experience. “Approach it as a family, and do it before a major crisis happens.”

Tippett says people should tour a variety of residences before they commit to a move, taking their quality of life into consideration. They should also create a will and meet with their family to keep everyone informed.

“That way there are no surprises because you’ve got a plan. It takes the stress out,” he says.

For those considering a new home—and even for people who decide to remain in their current homes, Tippett recommends having someone evaluate the residence to ensure that it is “elder-proof.” Making a home safe for elders could involve removing rugs to avoid falls and adding a metal bar in the bathroom to aid with balance.

When people decide to move, one of the major questions that comes up involves their possessions. Where should all of the things go, especially if the person is downsizing? For this, Tippett recommends having a sale or contacting an antique dealer for an evaluation.

“Lots of folks aren’t plugged into this information. They think they’re all alone,” Tippett says. However, help is out there.

If you have questions about moving, contact Tippett at

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