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New nurses graduate from mentorship program

New nurse grads at Weiss.

Seven nurses graduated this past week from the “Nurturing the New Grad Nurse” program at Weiss.  Hospital and Vanguard Market administrators attended the ceremony, and Susan Morby, professional practice manager for Vanguard Health Chicago, encouraged each graduate to “be the nurse you’ve always wanted to be.”

This initiative began in 2007 to help new nurses acclimate to the hospital. Over 12 weeks, new nurses partner with specialized tutors known as preceptors for four out of five days every week. On the fifth day, the new nurses gather as a class to discuss their experiences, ask questions and learn from each other as well as from guest lecturers.

“I am personally grateful for the opportunity to participate in this continued hands-on education. I believe it is a necessity for all new graduate nurses,” said Fatma Haiderzad, ICCU staff nurse.  

During the ceremony, the graduates gave a presentation, highlighting what they had learned during the program. Each nurse also likened herself to a specific car part, explaining how its qualities reflected her work. One nurse called herself the steering wheel, due to her leadership. Another said she was the lights, contributing to overall safety.

“I’m proud to work with all of you,” said Chief Nursing Officer Stella Hatcliffe.

Jessica Mason, staff nurse on 6 South, appreciated the endorsement. “It is so reassuring to know how supportive Weiss and the new graduate program have been during this pivotal transition. I feel confident that this support will continue during my journey, and I look forward to helping Weiss strive for excellence in nursing.”

In the audience, Weiss administrators never stopped grinning at the new grads. “We all have these big smiles on our faces because when we see you, we see potential,” Morby said. “Wherever your journey leads you, be leaders.”

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