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Weiss aligns with Vanguard Health Chicago, features new name and logo

Weiss aligns with VanguardWeiss took on a new name this past month: Vanguard Weiss Memorial Hospital. The name will help people in the community recognize Vanguard Health Chicago’s hospitals as one family. The other three hospitals adding the Vanguard name are Westlake Hospital in Melrose Park, West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park and MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn.

“We are coming together as a system in the Chicago market under one name and one brand. These are our first steps to strengthen and grow,” said William Foley, Chicago market president.

Because Vanguard Health Chicago is committed to providing compassionate healthcare that heals and enriches lives, administrators decided that to help reach that goal, they would present the Vanguard brand in a single, clear and unified way. This will ensure continuity of care among the hospitals and off-site physicians’ offices.

“The more consistently we present our unified name and its message, the better,” said Weiss CEO Jeff Steinberg, MD.

In the coming months, look for new signs and banners around Weiss. There will also be a redesigned website and a breakthrough marketing campaign that introduces Vanguard Health Chicago to the Chicagoland area, slated for this summer.

“I’m proud to officially share this information with you. A name change is a major transition, and it will take all of us to usher in this new system and model of medicine,” Dr. Steinberg said. “It’s an exciting new era in Chicago healthcare. I’m glad to be a part of it with you.”

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  • Sam 29 Mar, 02:05 PM

    "A name change is a major transition." Please. It is waste of money. And the downside will become clear when one hospital gets hit with a big malpractice lawsuit or government investigation, which happens from time-to-time. That bad PR will affect all of the hospitals at once. Can you say "Columbia/HCA?"
  • K V Z 2 Apr, 10:37 AM

    I think rebranding will go a long way toward building recognition of Weiss as part of a quality network, in addition to being known as a good community hospital.
  • dvd 2 Apr, 11:10 AM

    Being part of a system will surely help the hospital improve and grow. It'll be in a lot better position to handle all of the impending healthcare changes than operating on its own.
  • Nora 2 Apr, 11:23 AM

    I like the new look. Seems to me that having a clear and consolidated brand across hospitals makes sense in this market, where you're competing with other large systems. I didn't know that Weiss was associated with some of these other guys. The connection is clear now.
  • Karyn 4 Apr, 09:57 AM

    Smart move. It’s to a community hospital’s advantage to let the neighborhood it serves know it’s part of a larger health care system. In this era of transparency and changes in healthcare delivery, patients want to know they have additional options for their medical needs. It also makes sense for Weiss to be identified with the Vanguard Health Chicago system as it competes with major academic medical centers. Building on its strengths, Weiss can only benefit from associating with Vanguard Health System’s strong national reputation in the Chicago market.
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