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Blood Donation Drive at Weiss

BLood drive at WeissNearly 5 million Americans would die each year without blood transfusions. Unfortunately, even though 60 percent of the population medically qualifies to give blood, only five percent donates.

You can help increase that rate. Last year, blood donors saved 700,000 lives, and this year, on Thursday, July 12, LifeSource—the largest blood center in Illinois—will be at Weiss for a blood donation drive. They will set up in the MOB Lobby, 4700 N. Marine Dr., from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Donations will contribute to the half-million blood products that LifeSource distributes annually to 60 area hospitals—including Weiss.

LaWanda Peterson, pathology coordinator at Weiss, works with LifeSource to bring the donation drives to Weiss. “The need for blood in the Chicago area is huge,” she says. “It helps to save lives in the community we serve.”

That blood is used daily in surgeries, medical procedures, cancer treatments and emergency treatments. Every three seconds, someone needs blood, and every pint of blood donated has the potential to save three lives.

At Weiss, past blood drives have each brought in between 25 and 35 units. Calling the rate low, Peterson adds, “We are hoping to get the word out early enough to have a greater turn-out.”

On its website, LifeSource refers to the donation process as “quick, easy, and painless.” It involves a medical history, mini-physical, donation and refreshments (juice, cookies and pretzels) to help you recover.

“We encourage our staff and visitors to join us in our mission to help save lives,” Peterson says.

Donors at Weiss are eligible to enter a raffle for one of three $10 restaurant gift cards. To schedule an appointment, call LifeSource at (877) 543-3768 or register online at and use sponsor code J842.

If you are unable to donate during the Weiss drive, you can find other locations near you to give blood by visiting the LifeSource website, or call for an appointment at 1-877-543-3768.

Questions? Read the LifeSource FAQs here.

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