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Aging Gracefully with Exercise: Staying Fit at 50 and Beyond

Oct 28, 2009

Exercise is important at any age, but the moves you choose will likely change as you grow older. The onset of joint and muscle pain begins to limit mobility, making downhill skiing or flag football difficult. Additionally, a loss in muscle mass and bone density might slow down some people. The onset of osteoarthritis, which affects 27 million Americans, or depression, which strikes as many as 14 percent of males and 18 percent of females over age 55, can impact the ability to exercise too.

As the aches and pains set in, focus on these Healthful Hints from Weiss Memorial Hospital to keep fit at every age:

“The most important factor in staying active is to enjoy exercise,” said Paul Radzki, exercise physiologist at Weiss Memorial Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Center and the Weiss Initiative Supporting Elders program. “Making it fun will keep you going.”

Radzki encourages seniors to add just a little bit of cardio and calisthenics to their daily routine; and it won’t be long before they notice how much better they feel.