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What Makes Weiss One of Chicago's Top Hospitals?

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Karen O'Connell

Karen O'Connell reacts to U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals Ranking.

Karen O’Connell, Radiology Manager, has worked at Weiss Memorial Hospital since 1977.

What do you think makes Weiss one of Chicago's top hospitals?

“The commitment of the administration team to find physicians who are knowledgeable and have compassion for their patients. We are a community hospital that offers a variety of services with a more personal touch.”

Why do you like working at Weiss?

“I love working here because of the atmosphere. Staff are friendly and helpful. It is not uncommon to see team members talking with administrators in the halls. At all levels of staff there is a willingness to help patients and make their visit the best it can be.”

What keeps you motivated everyday?

“I have seen my department make many changes that have improved our service to patients. My team works well with each other and other departments so that patients receive quality and safe care.”