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What Makes Weiss One of Chicago's Top Hospitals?

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Lynette Wilkos-Prostran

Lynette Wilkos-Prostran reacts to U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals Ranking.

Lynette Wilkos-Prostran, Orthopedics Service Line Director, started working at Weiss Memorial Hospital in 2009.

What do you think makes Weiss one of Chicago's top hospitals?

"The talent of the employees across all levels and the very visible leadership that stays abreast of the latest healthcare trends."

Why do you like working at Weiss?

"We have a lot to offer with three academic affiliations under one roof. So we're a community hospital that handles complex cases."

What keeps you motivated everyday?

"You have to be passionate about your job, and I am. I really like it. We work hard, but we have fun here. We laugh, we celebrate, and when we know we have to change things, we collaborate together to make improvements for the patients--because ultimately, it's all about them."