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May 2006: Demystifying Anti-Aging Medicine

01 May 2006

Dr. Tamara Djurisic is a specialist in family practice, with areas of special clinical interest in anti-aging medicine, obesity management, pediatrics and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. She speaks French, Spanish, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.

Demystifying Anti-Aging Medicine

Dr. Tamara Djurisic
Weiss Center for Wellness and Women’s Health
2825 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 472-0812

You have years to go before you need to start worrying about weight gain, arthritis and dementia — right? Not according to the principles of anti-aging medicine, a proactive approach to health care that focuses on preventing age-related disease by addressing your lifestyle today.

Our approach at the Weiss Wellness and Women’s Health Center in the heart of Lincoln Park and Lakeview is primary prevention. The bulk of medical education focuses on an already ill person — tertiary prevention. The goal of anti-aging medicine is to promote optimal health and wellness throughout every phase of the human lifespan.

The term “anti-aging” makes a lot of promises. Is it the Fountain of Youth? Some sort of miracle cure? Actually, a lot of it is common sense. Anti-aging is a novel expression for something that always existed. It encompasses any intervention at the point where no disease or symptom is diagnosable, but the risk factors exist. This may include patients with weight problems, high cholesterol, or low bone density — all signs for more serious, long-term trouble in the future.

We don’t say to you, “you need to lose weight, or exercise, or eat better,” and then just send you on your way. We give you a personalized plan, which outlines specific steps for doing these things. Our approach involves four principles that are the basis of anti-aging medicine:

1. Functional. The aim is to improve and rejuvenate every function in your body — not just what is wrong with it — making you stronger, healthier, and more youthful.

2. Preventive. The diseases of aging are prevented using aggressive nutritional and metabolic therapies.

3. Holistic. Each aspect of your health is considered and treated as part of your complete well-being.

4. Integrative. Anti-aging medicine offers the distinct advantage of being truly integrative medicine. Being open minded, but science-based, we try to combine the best and most effective therapies from both conventional and alternative approaches.

At your initial visit, we create a personalized wellness plan that outlines your immediate goals — focusing on diet, exercise, supplements and screenings. You attend monthly follow-up visits for about a year, with maintenance visits after that.

It’s about taking slow steps. Anti-aging medicine aspires for us to live in the best possible health and in the most functional state as long as possible.

For a personalized anti-aging consultation or for a regular appointment with Dr. Djurisic, call (800) 503-1234.