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December 2011: Be Healthy this Coming Year: Prevention is the Best Medicine

30 Nov 2011

Dr. George Tsatsos is a board certified podiatrist affiliated with Weiss Memorial Hospital. His areas of expertise include surgery and orthopedics of the foot and ankle. Visit for more information.

George Tsatsos, D.P.M.
Weiss Memorial Hospital
(773) 348-7500

We have all heard how being overweight is a problem that affects us from our head to our feet—for adults and children alike—yet we are reluctant to change our ways.

Let’s start our New Year’s resolutions early by taking care of ourselves and our families, the most important things in our lives! I’d like to suggest just three little changes.

Three easy tips to help you be healthy this year…

  • Start a light regimen of walking or other mild exercise. Exercise enhances heart and lung capacity, minimizes some effects of aging, decreases arthritic pain—and it’s easy to do. All you need is a pair of athletic shoes to get started.
  • Diet is key! Eat smaller portions and be aware of high calories even in small portions. For example, chocolate cake is ok if you eat a small piece—or better yet, skip it. And once in a while, you can reward yourself with a high calorie meal.
  • Take care of your feet! In the eyes of your podiatrist, your feet are considered a “mirror to your health;” feet can reveal heart disease, diabetes, circulation problems, anemia, kidney disease and many more conditions.
Some interesting facts and tips on caring for your feet…
    • A newborn’s foot size may change as quickly as 6-8 weeks.
    • Your toenails grow at a rate of 6-9 months (your fingernails grow at a rate of 4-6 months).
    • Up to 40 percent of women who wear high heels have suffered a fall.
    • If your toes or fingers become cold, almost to the point of frostbite, gently warm the area in a cool, not warm, bath. Warm pads may be applied around the forearm or calves, if not affected by the cold. This will bring warm blood to the toes or hands. If you think you have frostbite please seek immediate medical care!
    • Bunions and hammertoes are a product of heredity and aggravated—not caused by—poor fitting shoes.
    • Recent FDA approval has been issued to a few laser models which are effective in treatment of nail fungus.
    • Minor sprains are fairly common, especially for those who are very active. But not many people know the best way to treat a sprain. All you have to do is remember PRICE:
      • Protect - Wear a soft brace or wrap around the injured area and limit the movements that aggravate it.
      • Rest - Speaks for itself.
      • Ice - Will help the most for the first three days.
      • Compress – Use an Ace wrap or similar bandage.
      • Elevate – Will help if the area throbs or swells at the end of the day.

    So start the new year off right, by exercising, eating a healthy diet and taking care of your feet. By following these three easy steps, you increase your ability to fight many diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hardening of the arteries, heart disease, arthritis and many more.

    For more information
    If you would like more information about foot or ankle problems contact Dr. George Tsatsos, Director of AnkleNFootCenters, at (773) 348-7500. We offer no-wait appointments and high-tech treatments geared towards less pain and less time in the doctor’s office.