Russian Community Outreach Program

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Weiss Memorial Hospital's goal is to provide excellent service in two capacities: The first is to meet the clinical needs of the population; the second is to provide care in a manner that celebrates the Russian culture. We believe that the Russian population is in need of an expanded level of care that successfully accommodates cultural differences.

We invite you to explore the various ways Weiss Memorial Hospital is embracing the Russian population.

Recruitment of highly regarded Russian-speaking primary care physicians:
  • Dr. Emily Chatskis
  • Dr. Jaroslav Goldman
  • Dr. Aaron Greenspan
  • Dr. Olga Lansky
  • Dr. Feliks Mavashev
  • Dr. Yevgeny Tsyrulnikov
  • Dr. Eduard Zinger
Recruitment of highly regarded Russian-speaking sub-specialist physicians:
  • Dr. Natalia Anikin – Dermatology
  • Dr. Lev Elterman – Urology
  • Dr. Marina Kuznetsova – Radiation Oncology

Russian Community Outreach Program:
At Weiss, we recognize the Russian community’s need for culturally sensitive health care services. That’s why we’ve developed a Russian Community Outreach program. Our goal is to provide health care in your language, sensitive to your culture, respectful of your history.

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