Celebrating Medical Lab Professionals at Weiss

Whether you just had your annual Pap smear or a prostate cancer screening, the next part of the process is universal for all patients: waiting. But while you wait, a team of healthcare professionals (who you’ve likely never met) is hard at work deciphering your test results.

That team consists of laboratory technicians and pathologists, and Weiss is celebrating them this week during National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, April 24-30, 2016.

More than 300,000 medical laboratory professionals deliver test results every day across the United States, according to the College of American Pathologists. They use the latest imaging technology and instrumentation to help catch diseases sooner and increase chances for positive outcomes.

Thank you to all of the laboratory professionals at Weiss. Celebrate them with us this week, and get a better understanding of how they work behind the scenes. This infographic from the College of American Pathologists highlights just some of what they do: