Chicago Spine Center & Center for Integrative Medicine at Weiss Join Forces to Relieve Back Pain


CHICAGO (February 20, 2013) — Up to 80 percent of Americans experience some degree of back pain during their lifetime, and according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality more than 19 million men and women seek medical attention for it. To better understand the cause of back pain and the best way to treat it, the Chicago Spine Center and the Center for Integrative Medicine at Weiss Memorial Hospital, 4646 N. Marine Dr., Chicago, will offer a seminar, free of charge, Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 6:30 p.m.“Most back pain can be treated through non-surgical therapies,” said Purnendu Gupta, M.D., director of the Chicago Spine Center at Weiss with nearly 20 years of experience specializing in some of the most complicated spinal conditions and surgeries. “It’s important to see a doctor to find the cause of the pain and treat it before muscle weakness sets in and causes loss of function.”

Dr. Gupta evaluates and treats common spine conditions such as disc herniations, spinal stensosis, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis and kyphosis.  He has an integrated approach to spine care, and the comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and leading-edge treatment center enables patients to get all of their testing, doctor visits, pain management treatments and physical therapy in one place.

With active people between the ages of 35 and 55 at risk for back pain, Dr. Gupta and his team consistently educate patients on ways to relieve symptoms. Also, causing pain is a more sedentary lifestyle and jobs involving intense computer work, which are leading to weakened muscles and poor posture, respectively.

The Center for Integrative Medicine is another option for non-invasive treatment. It employs a full complement of alternative medicine, including acupuncture, healing touch, guided imagery and massage therapy to augment traditional medical care.

“Many people with muscular skeletal pain seek out acupuncture, but an increasing number of patients are turning to it to treat anxiety and stress,” said Kathleen Hanold, RN, MS, NEA-BC, LAc, Dipl.Ac., a licensed, board-certified practitioner in Acupuncture with more than 30 years of nursing practice. “Patients are looking for an alternative to taking medications, especially those dealing with chronic pain.”

Karen A. Elarde-McCuaig, RN, BS, OCN, clinical nurse manager at Weiss’ Oncology Center notes patients also look to integrative medicine as a way to manage cancer symptoms. The integrative medicine team will demonstrate acupuncture as part of the Feb. 20 event.  Dr. Gupta also treats spinal tumors.

Increasingly, research has shown the effectiveness of alternative medicine in treating a number of health conditions.

“We want our patients to know they have many good treatment options to help relieve their back pain,” Dr. Gupta added.

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