Weiss Patient Portal

You may have access to two separate patient portals based on where you receive care. If you’ve been admitted to Weiss Memorial Hospital, the Weiss Memorial Hospital Inpatient Portal is your access to health information. If you have seen a doctor at the Weiss Arvey Internal Medicine and Podiatry Clinic, you have access to a separate tool to gain secure and convenient access to health records.


The newest way to view, download and transmit your up-to-date health information, all from the convenience and privacy of your own home, or anywhere Internet access is available – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can:

  • Privately view hospital results online.
  • Access hospital health records such as procedures, immunizations, medications and allergy.
  • Download hospital health records.

Please note – you can only access this portal if you have:

  1. Been an inpatient at Weiss Memorial Hospital;
  2. Provided Hospital Registration with your email address; and
  3. Signed up for the portal either while still in the hospital, with the assistance of hospital staff, or by receiving a registration email after being discharged from the hospital

Click here to sign in to the Weiss Memorial Hospital Inpatient Portal.

For 24/7 login support to the Weiss Memorial Hospital Inpatient Portal, please contact 866-735-2963, Option 1


If you have seen a doctor at the Arvey Internal Medicine and Podiatry Residency Clinic you are able to enroll in our Online Patient Portal. Through the online Patient Portal, you have secure, convenient online access to a number of services, including:

  • Viewing and requesting appointments
  • Requesting prescriptions and refills
  • Retrieving test results
  • Viewing personal health information
  • Browsing health facts and information
  • Viewing your billing statements and balance
  • Making secure credit card payments
  • Communicating with your doctor by sending and receiving secure messages

Please note: to be able to access the Patient Portal, you must have been seen by a participating doctor and have received a secure PIN from your doctor.

Click here to sign in to the Weiss Arvey Internal Medicine and Podiatry Clinic Patient Portal.


Chicago Health Medical Group (CHMG), a proud partner of Weiss Memorial Hospital, also has portal for patients to access medical records, messages, forms, online billpay and appointment requests, for patients of CHMG doctors.

Click here to access the Chicago Health Medical Group portal.

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