Weiss Memorial Hospital’s accredited Cardiology program is the first in Chicago—and second in Illinois—to implement new artificial intelligence-based cardiac technology in the care of heart patients.

Cardiac Cath Lab team

The Cardiac Catheterization Lab team at Weiss is pictured above. Left to right: Vladimyr Beaubrun, RN; Elijah Ige, special procedure tech; Annie Go Medina, RN; Dr. Amjad Sheikh; and Maria Helena Coello, special procedure tech.

“We are excited to be the first hospital in Chicago using cutting-edge technology to provide advanced care for our patients with heart disease,” stated Weiss Chief of Cardiology Amjad I. Sheikh, MD. “With this new technology, Weiss is at the forefront of cardiac care.”

Pictured above: Chief of Cardiology Amjad Sheikh, MD

CathWorks FFRangio® is an AI-based system that helps physicians view and calculate coronary artery blockages to quickly determine next steps in treating patients. Weiss’ catheterization lab implemented the advanced technology in March 2022.

The new AI-powered system significantly improves upon the fractional flow reserve (FFR) test traditionally used in a cardiac catheterization lab. The current FFR test measures the pressure and flow of blood in coronary arteries to determine the location and degree of blockage through the insertion of a wire into an artery.

The new technology eliminates the need for a wire, lowering the risk for complications. Instead, the system combines routine angiograms with artificial intelligence and advanced computational science providing a powerful tool for detecting coronary artery disease.

“During the procedure, the AI-assisted platform transforms 2D angiograms into a 3D digital model of the patient’s coronary tree. The technology evaluates blockages and flow resistance along each vessel. Advanced rapid pressure-flow analysis calculates FFR values at every point in the tree, revealing segments that may need intervention,” explained George Vassiliou, a CathWorks senior physician trainer.

Weiss Associate Chief Medical Officer Suzanne Pham, MD, was instrumental in bringing the AI-based cardiac system to Weiss. She recognized the value of this advanced technology in the hands of our experienced cardiac team in treating patients at the hospital. Pham worked with corporate parent Pipeline Health to help acquire and implement the state-of-the-art cardiac testing system within a year’s time.

“The fact that we are a community hospital investing in the latest technology says a lot about the quality of care we strive to deliver at Weiss. I am proud that Weiss is the first hospital in Chicago to offer this advanced cardiac procedure for our community and beyond,” shared Pham.