Treaments & Procedures for Sleep Disorders

Disruptions to your sleep can have a wide range of negative health effects. At the Sleep Center at Weiss Memorial Hospital, our sleep medicine doctors offer advanced treatment options to give you better, more healthful sleep.


A BPAP is similar to a CPAP, however, instead of applying constant pressure in your airway, the BPAP builds to a higher pressure when you inhale and lower pressure when you exhale. This treatment can help create steady breathing patterns during sleep.


A CPAP gently blows air from a mask on the nose into the back of your throat. This keeps your airway open during sleep. Regular CPAP use has been shown to improve daytime function, reduce driving accidents and improve blood pressure and heart function. 


Your doctor may recommend over-the-counter or prescription medications to help you get to sleep or improve the quality of your sleep.


Oral appliances, such as mouth guards, may be useful for some sleep disruption sufferers. These devices are designed to keep your throat open during sleep.


Surgery is generally only used as an option when other treatments have failed to correct your sleep disruption. Surgery for sleep apnea is intended to enlarge the airway either through your nose or throat. For severe, life-threatening sleep apnea, it may be necessary to create a new air passageway through surgery, a procedure called a tracheostomy.
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