Eye Surgery Center

The Eye Surgery Center at Weiss Memorial Hospital provides advanced eye care with its dedicated hospital-based surgicenter, a highly regarded ophthalmic staff, and state-of-the-art equipment. While most facilities use a common operating room for different specialties, the Eye Surgery Center at Weiss has dedicated space for ophthalmic surgery. This 2,000-square-foot facility with recently renovated operating suites is staffed with nurses, surgical assistants, technicians and anesthesia providers with a special training and interest in ophthalmology and ophthalmic surgery.

Eye Surgery Services

Our ophthalmologists offer a variety of specialized services:

  • Cataract removal. The Alcon INFINITI Vision System allows doctors to customize your cataract surgery. The result is better surgical outcomes and improved safety.
  • Glaucoma surgery.  Surgeons at the Eye Center at Weiss perform trabeculectomy, mini-Express and tube valve procedures.
  • Ophthalmic plastic surgery (lid defects and lifts).  Ophthalmic or ocular, plastic surgery is plastic surgery of the eyelids, lacrimal drainage system, and orbit. An ocular plastic surgeon has both a background in ophthalmology and plastic surgery so is qualified to diagnose and treat these disorders.
  • Pterygium removal with conjunctival autograft. During surgery, the pterygium is removed leaving a bare area. To cover this bare area, a section of the conjunctiva (the eye’s transparent covering) is harvested and grafted in place with both sutures and tissue adhesive.
  • Retinal surgery.  Recently, the Eye Surgery Center added the Constellation Vision System (CVS), which enables a retinal surgeon to make micro-incisions, virtually eliminating the need for sutures thereby offering greater comfort, shorter surgical times and quicker recovery compared to traditional surgery.

Eye Surgery Center doctors include ophthalmologists in academics as well as private practice. Several private ophthalmology practices maintain office space on the Weiss campus.

Call the doctor referral line at 800-956-7632 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online.