Tests & Screenings

At Weiss Memorial Hospital, we use a number of vascular tests and screenings to evaluate vascular disorders. There’s no need to fear these tests, which are not painful and do not involve needles, injections or side effects.

To schedule a screening, talk with your primary care doctor or one of our vascular specialists. Call (773) 564-5770 or request an appointment online.

Abdominal Duplex

This ultrasound exam is used to detect abnormalities in the abdominal aorta. Your doctor may recommend this test if you have undergone procedures to repair an aneurysm.


This test uses X-rays to view your blood vessels and detect narrow, blocked, enlarged or malformed arteries or veins.

Ankle Brachial Index

This test measures blood flow in the legs and is used to detect reduced blood flow to muscles and tissues in the leg.

Arterial Duplex Imaging

This high-frequency ultrasound test helps visualize the arteries in the legs and examine blood flow.

Carotid Duplex

Also known as carotid artery ultrasound, this ultrasound procedure can detect carotid artery disease, such as blood clots, plaque buildup or other blood flow problems. Found early, our vascular specialists can provide treatment that is effective in preventing stroke.

Treadmill Exercise Testing

This test uses a treadmill to evaluate ankle-level blood pressure to detect peripheral artery disease in those who have leg pain.

Your Next Step

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