Treatments & Procedures

Receiving proper vascular care is vital to prevent vascular conditions from worsening.  You can rely on the vascular specialists at Weiss Memorial Hospital to create a treatment plan that addresses your particular health needs.

Our vascular specialists are trained in a variety of treatment options from noninvasive and minimally invasive procedures to more conventional vascular surgery. To schedule an appointment with a vascular specialist to discuss your treatment call (773) 564-5770 or request an appointment online.

Angioplasty Stenting

This procedure involves inflating a small balloon to widen narrowed blood vessels and improve blood flow. A stent may be used to support artery walls.


For some vascular conditions, your doctor may recommend a walking program, which can help improve blood flow and decrease pain in the legs.

Lower Extremity Amputation

Used in more severe cases, this procedure involves removing a limb or part of a limb that is dangerous to your health. This procedure is always considered a last resort.

Surgical Aneurysm Repair

In this procedure, your vascular surgeon repairs or removes aneurysms through an incision in your skin. Aneurysms carry risks for blood clots and rupturing which can be very dangerous.

Surgical Bypass

This surgical procedure creates an alternate route for blood flow to bypass arteries that are blocked.

Your Next Step

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