Meet Our Women’s Health Team

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Patricia Boatwright, M.D.

Patricia Boatwright, M.D., is the Director of Women’s Health and Director of Gynecology for Weiss Memorial Hospital. She has more than 40 years’ experience in obstetrics and gynecology, and places a focus on strong communication and trust with her patients. Dr. Boatwright’s gynecological expertise includes common conditions, as well as complex diagnoses. She is committed to educating patients on prevention, ensuring patients have an understanding of each diagnosis.

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Amos E. Madanes, M.D.

Amos E. Madanes, M.D., is a gynecologist and reproductive endocrinologist. Dr. Madanes has developed several revolutionary assisted-reproduction procedures and is known as an innovator and leader in the field of reproductive endocrinology.

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Azra Sadikovic, M.D., FACOG

Azra Sadikovic, M.D., believes that education is one of the most important aspects of patient care. By keeping patients informed and involved, she gives them the opportunity to make confident decisions about their health and overall well-being. Dr. Sadikovic is a Board Certified Obstetrics/Gynecology physician and is fellowship-trained in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.

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Valentin Tureanu, M.D.

Valentin Tureanu, M.D., NCMP, is a gynecologist and reproductive endocrinologist with more than 35 years of experience. Dr. Tureanu provides comprehensive healthcare for women and his specialties include fertility problems, menopause symptoms, and hormonal imbalance. He is a certified menopause practitioner committed to providing advanced care for his patients.

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