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Find the doctor or specialist who’s right for you with our online search. Weiss Memorial Hospital offers an extensive network of doctors in Chicago to meet your needs.

To find a doctor affiliated with Weiss Memorial Hospital, select a Specialty or use the Advanced Search Options to further refine your search. You must select a specialty. unless you are searching by the doctor’s last name.

Additionally, filtering your search by Insurances Accepted may yield limited search results. For more results, you may leave the Insurances Accepted field blank and confirm with your Insurance Carrier if your preferred physician is covered.

Many of the physicians featured on this website are independent members in good standing with the medical staff at Weiss Memorial Hospital and are neither employees nor agents of the hospital. As such, Weiss is not responsible for any actions that these physicians may take in their medical practices. These physicians are independent physicians who are members of the Weiss medical staff, and are not employees, agents or partners of Weiss, and have not entered into joint ventures with the hospital.

Looking for more physicians to choose from? Check out Chicago Health System, with over 1000 contracted providers from all four of the Chicago market hospitals; Westlake, West Suburban and Weiss Hospital.