Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Weiss Memorial Hospital’s Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery program offers a variety of choices in all areas of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery in Chicago. Our goal at Weiss is to help you choose the procedure that’s right for your unique needs. 

The board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons at Weiss, both in private practice and from The University of Chicago Medicine, provide a wide range of surgical procedures to help you repair, restore or improve your face, skin, breasts, trunk and extremities. Some of these procedures include breast surgery, body contouring and hand reconstruction. Call (773) 564-6120 to request an appointment with one of our surgeons today.

Breast Surgery

Breast surgery includes post-mastectomy reconstruction, breast reduction, correction of congenital breast abnormalities, breast lifts and augmentation. Weiss provides a comprehensive women’s program for your breast care and offers many options for the treatment of breast cancer and reconstruction.

Body Contouring and Breast Augmentation

The plastic and reconstructive doctors specialize in body contouring and breast augmentation after massive weight loss (lifts and liposuction). Body contouring, including liposuction, is employed to properly shape the abdomen, buttocks, hips, arms, thighs and breasts after weight loss. After a surgical consultation, we help you choose which plastic surgery option is best for you.

Hand Surgery

Our hand surgeons treat a broad spectrum of afflictions, from congenital abnormalities to traumatic injuries. This includes a variety of work-related injuries such as fractures, amputations, tendon injuries and nerve injuries. University of Chicago surgeon Dr. Lawrence Zachary and his colleagues have had great success in treating Raynaud’s Phenomenon with new and innovative procedures.

Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Zachary also is involved in the care of patients with orthopedic surgeons. He works closely with the joint replacement surgeons who specialize in the treatment of patients with previously infected knee or hip prostheses. He is involved in the soft tissue coverage of the knee or hip. He also specializes in the excision of neuromas post knee surgery.

Gender Confirmation Surgery

Loren Schechter, M.D., a plastic surgeon at Weiss Memorial Hospital, performed the first gender confirmation surgery covered by Medicare in the United States. Watch the video and read the story featured on NBC News.

Weiss plastic surgeon Loren Schechter, M.D., moderated the first ever panel about gender confirmation surgery at Plastic Surgery the MeetingRead the article on Boston Magazine online.