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For more than 30 years, Weiss Memorial Hospital has promoted the research and treatment of cancer with our Strauss Cancer Center, which participates in regional, national, and industrial clinical research studies through the National Cancer Institute and major pharmaceuticals. Through this participation, we’re able to bring you the latest cancer treatments while providing the comfort and convenience of a community hospital.

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About Cancer Care at Weiss Memorial Hospital

Unlike most community hospitals, our cancer center has dedicated on-site oncologists who provide personalized attention to patients and their families and are on call 24/7. Our experienced staff includes nurses and doctors who have been providing care at Weiss for more than 30 years. Weiss Memorial Hospital’s multidisciplinary oncology team meets weekly to review patient cases and discuss potential treatment options, meaning you’ll get second (and third) opinions all from one place.

Fully Accredited Cancer Center

The Commission on Cancer (CoC), a quality program of the American College of Surgeons (ACS), has granted Three-Year Accreditation to Weiss Memorial Hospital’s Cancer program. To earn voluntary CoC accreditation, a cancer program must meet 34 CoC quality care standards, be evaluated every three years through a survey process, and maintain levels of excellence in the delivery of comprehensive patient-centered care.

CoC accreditation provides value through improved patient outcomes across all domains of care: access and service, satisfaction and well-being, quality of care and cancer outcomes.


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Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer screening is a yearly preventive health check for patients at high risk for lung cancer.

The lung cancer screening is done using a low radiation dose CT scan in order to catch early-stage tumors.

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