Weiss Hospital

Case Management Department

The Case Management Department provides care coordination and social services. Our department helps patients and families through the hospital stay and their transition to post-hospital care. Our dedicated registered nurses and licensed social workers provide services with specialized skills that assess physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and economic situations. We work closely with our patients, family, doctors, and health care team to ensure an excellent hospital experience and safe discharge.

What do Case Managers and Social Workers Do?

Each patient’s discharge plan begins upon admission and is revised as needs change. In partnership with the patient, their family, their physician, and the health care team a plan for discharge is developed. We work closely with the patient and their loved ones to assist with options in selecting needed services, such as rehabilitation, skilled care, home health care, or shelter. The patient’s preferences are always followed for after-hospital care. We can also help patients connect with their families through FaceTime or Zoom during their hospital stay.

Case Managers and Social Workers are assigned to specific patients in the hospital and also provide services to the emergency department, clinics, and admitting department. Patients are continually reevaluated throughout their hospitalization to ensure that they are safely discharged to the appropriate preferred setting, at the appropriate time.

Have Questions?

The Case Management Department is located on the sixth floor, A-6400. Use the A-elevators.

For more information, please call (773) 564-5727.

Support Groups

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Group support can be one of the most beneficial things in life. Interacting with others, especially those who can relate to your health condition, can help to give you a sense of community and knowledge that you aren’t alone.