Case Management

The Case Management and Social Service Department can help you or a loved one coordinate care after a hospital stay. Case managers at Weiss combine the skills of nurses and social workers to assess physical, emotional, social and economic situations. These individuals work closely with the patient, family, doctor and health care team to determine the post-hospital care that best meets the patient’s needs.

What Do Case Managers Do?

Some of the functions of the case managers include assessing and planning what services are needed after discharge  (rehabilitation, skilled care, hospice, home health care, shelter and transportation), and consulting with your doctor and the health care team, starting at the time of admission. Consultations are made to determine care and discharge plans, the working diagnosis and if there are any barriers to discharge.

The case managers are assigned to specific patients in the hospital and help cover the intensive-coronary care unit, emergency department and admitting department. Patients are continually reviewed throughout their hospitalization to ensure that they are discharged to the appropriate setting at the appropriate time.

Have Questions?

The Case Management and Social Service Department is located on the sixth floor, suite A-6400, Use the A elevators. For more information please call (773) 564-5727.