Weiss Hospital

Spiritual Support

During trying times, spiritual support can provide comfort for many people.

Healing Through Faith

Weiss Memorial Hospital strives to not only provide care for your physical needs, but also your spiritual needs. Religion can play an important role in the healing process for many patients and families, and we want to support you no matter your religious background or faith. We’re happy to be able to help support spiritual services for a wide variety of religions.

If you wish, your own clergy can be notified of your hospitalization. Your priest, minister, or rabbi is welcome to visit you at any time.

Lay communion ministers from St. Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Church provide communion to Catholic patients on Sundays.

A volunteer from Temple Sholom visits Jewish patients on Tuesdays and a rabbi from the Chicago Mitzvah Campaign does the same on Thursdays.

Muslim patients gather weekly for Friday prayers in the meditation room at 1 p.m.

A minister from the Chicago Hospital Liaison Committee for Jehovah’s Witnesses is available for support upon request.

Sacred scriptures and a variety of prayer books are available for use, as are music and guided meditation tapes to comfort the human spirit. The Prayer Room is always open for prayer and meditation.

Have Questions?

Please call (773) 564-5738 for more information.

Support Groups

Find the Support You Need

Group support can be one of the most beneficial things in life. Interacting with others, especially those who can relate to your health condition, can help to give you a sense of community and knowledge that you aren’t alone.