Employees Express a Cornucopia of Gratitude

It’s the season to give thanks, and many of us are thankful for our families, our health, our jobs and other blessings we enjoy throughout the year. As the 2022 Thanksgiving Day holiday approaches, some of our Weiss Memorial Hospital employees have shared their thoughts about those things for which they are most grateful this year.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

“I am thankful and grateful just to have the Breath of Life.  Family, friends, home and health are all important but without the Breath of Life none of these things matter nor could you enjoy them.”

Camilla Toney

Outpatient Behavioral Health, Weiss Memorial Hospital

“I am thankful for my career as a physical therapist that is already 24 years and counting!  It continues to be a meaningful calling since I discovered the profession in high school.  And, it’s the best way I know how to pour my love of anatomy and kinesiology into helping people. The wide variety of patients, their stories, and their functional goals make the work inspiring, stimulating and many times really fun.”

Tracy H. Alvarez

Physical Therapist, Weiss Memorial Hospital

“I’m grateful for my family, health and happiness, and thank you God for all you give and all you take away.”

Radmilla Vukic

Radiology Clerk, Weiss Memorial Hospital

“This holiday season, I am grateful for all of the positive and creative thinkers that I am surrounded with. Challenges are much easier when everyone is free to bring their most creative ideas to the table, and that culture at Weiss makes our future very exciting!”

LeAnna Becker

Director or Rehabilitation, Weiss Memorial Hospital

“Tomorrow is never promised.  I’m grateful every day for my family and our health.”

Maryann Fiorentino

Executive Director of Orthopedic Service Line, Weiss Memorial Hospital

“I am grateful for going thru life’s journey unwavering but continuing to enjoy the beauty of life and all the good things it offers.”

Rodie Bankole

Supervisor of Respiratory Therapy, Weiss Memorial Hospital

“I’m grateful for health and safety. With the struggles my family has experienced the last few months, health and safety remain. Additionally, I’m thankful for the love, support, and donations that have come my way from co-workers and friends! Every kind word or positive sentiment matters. Being away from family is difficult, being at Weiss makes it easier.”

Casey Rauscher

Account Manager, Towne Park at Weiss Memorial Hospital

“I am grateful for my BFAW’s (best friends at work).  They keep me inspired to always give 100%!”

Heather O'Connor

Rehab Admissions and PPS Coordinator, Weiss Memorial Hospital