More than 50 community members enjoyed a day focused on staying healthy and strong over a lifetime as Weiss hosted its first community health fair since before the pandemic began more than two years ago.

The Osteoporosis Health Fair May 20 featured lectures from medical experts, tours of the hospital’s new state-of-the-art orthopedic unit, opportunities for fellowship and refreshments and goody bags.

osteoporosis fair

Weiss representatives from radiology, physical therapy and orthopedics shared educational materials on osteoporosis prevention and treatment options. Senior center colleagues provided free blood pressure and glucose screenings while building awareness about stroke and heart health. Several attendees also took advantage of reduced-cost DEXA scans made available during the fair.

“We were pleased so many people came out to learn about how to build and maintain bone strength and treat bone loss. We also were excited to introduce community members to our new orthopedic unit,” stated Weiss Chief Executive Officer Irene Dumanis.

Dumanis kicked off the event with a special greeting to community members, welcoming all to enjoy the lectures and take part in the orthopedic unit tours. She introduced Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and Director of the Spine Center at Weiss, Thomas A. McNally, MD, who presented the first lecture on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of osteoporosis.

Women’s Health Center at Weiss Senior Gynecologist Nichole Butler, MD, followed McNally with a presentation on bone health for women and when to schedule a DEXA scan. Weiss Physical Therapist Holly Phillips, PT, DPT, shared the benefits of exercise for bone health and fall prevention.

“People don’t realize that osteoporosis affects women and men of all ethnicities, and while it is more common in older people, it can occur at any age. By age 30 bone destiny begins to decline, putting people at risk for bone loss and increased risk of fractures,” shared Orthopedics Service Line Executive Director Maryann Fiorentino. “We were pleased to see such a great turnout for this important event.”

Watch and share the lectures from the Osteoporosis Health Fair.