Melissa Maldonado (pictured on the left), a Phlebotomist at West Suburban Medical Center, and Rachel Rodriguez (pictured on the right), a Pathology Assistant at Weiss Memorial Hospital, had the privilege of speaking at a Warren Park school for a recent career day event.

Melissa presented first, explaining how Phlebotomists are specially trained to collect blood samples from patients by venipuncture. She described the importance of having steady hands, a calm demeanor, and sharp attention to detail in her job. The students were fascinated and asked thoughtful questions about everything from how many tubes are drawn per patient to what happens after the samples get to the lab.

Next, Rachel discussed her role as a Pathology Assistant. She explained how she assists Pathologists by preparing surgical specimens and capturing images. The students were grossed-out yet intrigued as she showed examples of fake organs and described how she meticulously examines tissue samples under the microscope to diagnose disease. She made sure to emphasize the great responsibility that comes with this job and the years of education required.

By the end, the students had much more insight into professions in healthcare. Melissa and Rachel were grateful to have inspired the next generation through this impactful career day.