While most people are familiar with the use of ultrasound during pregnancy, many are not aware this imaging technique is used to diagnose a broad range of medical conditions, including heart disease, stroke, and joint problems.

Each October, Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month celebrates credentialed sonographers who make a difference in the lives of patients experiencing injury, illness, and potentially life-threatening health events.

The highly experienced imaging team at Weiss includes credentialed vascular, cardiovascular, and general ultrasound sonographers who have completed additional training and achieved certifications in echocardiography, vascular technology, and musculoskeletal sonography.

“I believe what we do truly makes a difference and contributes to life changing research and constant learning of vascular pathology. That is what makes this work exciting,” said Krystal Samulak, lead vascular sonographer and technical director (IAC).

Sonographers by equipment

Vascular sonographers include (left to right): Marina Kulakova, and Krystal Samulak.

Echocardiography sonographers include (left to right): Carmen Lardizabal-Bravo, Barbara Walczak and Rachid Tesbia.

General ultrasound sonographers include (left to right): Barbara Krzysztofczyk and Christopher Bates, joined by Maria Moskal, mammography lead technologist (far right).