Cardiac Rehabilitation

Heart Care

Healing Your Heart

Healing your heart and helping you return to an active lifestyle is our goal at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Weiss Memorial Hospital. Our program focuses on strengthening your heart muscle and improving your cardiovascular fitness so you can lead a longer, healthier life.

Individualized Treatment

Each heart rehabilitation treatment is personalized, taking into consideration your medical history, current physical condition and lifestyle. During your rehabilitation sessions, the clinical staff closely monitors the stress placed on your heart to ensure your safety.

Our Three-Phase Program

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is done in three phases:

Phase I: In the hospital

Cardiac rehabilitation begins immediately in the form of one-on-one educational discussions and counseling between you and the cardiac rehabilitation staff. The purpose of Phase I is to promote a healthier lifestyle through education and exercise therapy, which consists of monitored range-of-motion activities and progressive walking.

Phase II: Outpatient exercise therapy

Phase II begins two to three weeks after hospital discharge. This phase is divided into one-hour sessions three times a week for 12 weeks. You and the cardiac rehabilitation team will arrange the exact hours you attend. The exercises are determined by the doctor and staff. All Phase II patients exercise within the prescribed intensity range and are continuously monitored.

Phase III: Continuing outpatient maintenance

The Weiss team develops a personalized lifestyle maintenance plan that includes dietary guidelines and a supervised exercise program. They work together with your primary doctor during the entire process. Those with risk factors for heart disease may also enter Phase III.