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The Cardiology team at Weiss Memorial Hospital is dedicated to providing exceptional care for all your cardiac needs. Our cardiologists work in collaboration with our clinics, cardiac testing, non-invasive and invasive procedures and cardiac rehabilitation.

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Heart Specialists at Weiss

Amjad I. Sheikh, M.D

Chief of Cardiology; Founder and Director of Cardiac Rehab

Ali Kutom, M.D.

Interventional Cardiologist

Muhammad Saudye, M.D.


Hammad Saudye, M.D.

Interventional Cardiologist

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Healing your heart and helping you return to an active lifestyle is our goal at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Weiss Memorial Hospital.

Our program focuses on strengthening your heart muscle and improving your cardiovascular fitness so you can lead a longer, healthier life.

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