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Once the need for joint replacement has been ascertained, patients are introduced to Joint University at their doctor’s office and in pre-operative education classes. Here, physicians, the Joint University coordinator and care team members use videos, wall diagrams, brochures and patient guidebooks to teach patients what the surgery is all about, how it will impact them and what their role will be in their own recovery. Every attempt is made to set realistic expectations, put patients at ease and improve their level of confidence.

The Joint University care team offers a two-hour pre-operative class in which patients and their coaches are instructed on pre-operative needs, introduced to the daily routine that will be  expected of them on the unit and taught some pre-conditioning (strengthening) exercises to start before surgery in order to improve their outcomes. Discharge planning and preparing the home for safety, comfort and recovery of the patient are also covered here. The Joint University care team addresses many other pertinent issues, such as performing post-surgery strengthening exercises, dealing with post-operative complications and bringing in assistive devices for the home.  Patients have the option of receiving their instruction online. It is mandatory that patients attend a live session OR watch the videos online.

Weiss also offers online and in person pre-operative classes for patients who will be having spine surgery. These courses help patients plan and prepare for surgery and understand the recovery process.

To complete your Online Pre-Surgical Education Course, please follow these steps:

1. Click below to watch the Pre-Surgical Video:

2. Fill out the Online Discharge Planning Form:

4. Next, review these other materials:

Patient Education Video for ActiveCare Compression Sleeve to Prevent DVT Following Surgery

After surgery, your surgeon may prescribe you to take home a compression sleeve device that you will use to help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or blood clotting following surgery. While in the hospital after surgery, you will receive education on how to use this device. Watch this educational video below for more information.

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