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Our geriatric psychiatry team fulfills an important need, caring for older adults and their families throughout the Chicago area. 

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Geriatric Psychiatry Services

Your mental and emotional needs are complex, and it can be difficult to feel that you have a voice sometimes. At Weiss Memorial Hospital, our Geriatric Psychiatry program is designed to give you a place to communicate your feelings or anxieties to a healthcare professional trained to help.

An Important Service

Studies show that as many as four of every 10 seniors with physical illnesses are depressed. As an older adult, you may face multiple medical problems, the loss of loved ones and new challenges to your physical independence, which are difficult to cope with. Our specialized geriatric psychiatry healthcare professionals are experienced in providing the support and treatment you need to address these unique challenges.

Specialized Care

Our geriatric psychiatry team fulfills an important need, caring for the needs of older adults and their families throughout the Chicago area. You’ve lived an active and vital life and deserve to maintain your independence and autonomy as long as possible. Our team is prepared to help you achieve these goals. The staff at Weiss’ Geriatric Psychiatry includes:

  • Geriatric psychiatrists
  • Nurses
  • Social workers
  • Occupational and physical therapists
  • Other mental health professionals

Individualized Treatment

We know your needs are complex and unique, which is why our geriatric team provides you with treatment designed with your specific needs in mind. Our Geriatric Psychiatry program offers a wide range of treatment options:

  • Short-term inpatient treatment for those who live at home or in nursing or rehab facilities
  • Individual, group and expressive therapy
  • Medications including anti-anxiety drugs
  • Diagnosis of underlying medical conditions

Addressing your health needs is important to allow you to live the life you deserve. If you think you could benefit from Weiss Memorial Hospital’s Geriatric Psychiatry or would like to learn more, talk to your primary care physician.

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WISE Senior Program

WISE, the Weiss Initiative Supporting Elders, is a free wellness program for adults age 60 and older, designed to help you stay active and healthy.

At Weiss Memorial Hospital, we’re committed to supporting your efforts to stay active, involved, and informed about your health. 

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