WISE Senior Program

Your health and independence are important, especially as you grow older. At Weiss Memorial Hospital, we’re committed to supporting your efforts to stay active, involved and informed about your health. That’s why we developed WISE, the Weiss Initiative Supporting Elders, our free wellness program for adults age 60 and older.

How WISE Works

As a WISE member, you are entitled to a wide variety of benefits, discounts and services, absolutely free! This includes:

  • Education programs
  • Exercise classes and therapeutic groups
  • Oil & watercolor classes
  • Dance classes
  • Free health screenings
  • Support groups
  • VIP members lounge access
  • WISE Newsletter


How to Join

Taking advantage of the many benefits of the WISE wellness program is easy. Simply drop by the Senior Center at Weiss or use this form to enroll, or call 800-956-7632 for more information.



Senior Center, Weiss Hospital
First Floor, C Elevator
(773) 564-5666