Limb Preservation

At Weiss Memorial Hospital, our Center for Limb Preservation offers a multidisciplinary approach to limb care designed to offer a tailored treatment plan specific to your needs. Limb loss has far-reaching effects on your health, with nearly half of individuals who have an amputation due to vascular disease surviving fewer than five years. That’s why getting expert, comprehensive limb care is essential to your health.

The Specialty Care You Need

While trauma and cancer are well-known causes for limb loss, peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is the main cause of limb loss in the United States. At the Center for Limb Preservation, our doctors are experienced in providing care to treat and prevent PAD, including:

  • Endovascular therapy
  • Noninvasive vascular testing
  • Podiatry
  • Vascular surgery
  • Wound care, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy and bio-engineered skin substitutes

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An Experienced Multidisciplinary Team

Our experienced and compassionate specialists prove you with a multidisciplinary approach to limb health and preservation. Our goal is to provide you with an individualized treatment plan to reduce your risk of amputation and death associated with PAD.

Make an Appointment

Our Center for Limb Preservation at Weiss is located within Weiss Memorial Hospital on the seventh floor. You, or your doctor, can call us at 773-564-5770. We may ask you a few brief questions to help understand your reason for referral and allow us to better serve you on your initial visit.